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almost 9 years ago

Moving From Round 1 to Round 2


A huge thank you to all of the submissions we recieved for the first Round of the Epson Moverio Develop the Future App Challenge! Judging will occur from Jan 16th to the 23rd, with winners announced shortly thereafter.

In the Second Round, Round 1 Winners and any new applicants will actually develop their applications for the Moverio and submit their 'rough' applications to the competition.

Here are some key points to help transition us into the 2nd Round of the Challenge:

  • You do not have to be a WINNER of the first round to submit your App idea to Round 2
  • You do not have to be a WINNER of the first round to WIN Round 2
  • If you missed submitting your APP IDEA to the First Round, you can still submit to Round 2
  • Screen Shots, Design Comps, and Pitch Videos are HIGHLY encouraged in this round
  • You must submit your APP to to the Moverio Apps marketplace by March 15th to be considered

At this point in time please register for Round 2 here, and resubmit your app idea to compete!

Thank You,